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Create topics here that discuss sticks and psychedelic feels at 145 or 163.75bpm.

We do need to get some action information on this because what I think we need is a link to send people and say this is the general idea and then encourage people to try their hand and join in.

I agree. Embersbreaks.com had a lot of that info, and ideally would be used for this purpose, but its all still referencing DOA and KSSS. I have no idea how to move forward at this point. :badteeth:

I’d be willing to try to help. I’m not a designer but I can figure things out. I personally think the site could be toned down a bit and probably move on from some of the artists that haven’t done anything in a year.

But I think we should have a nice article done to sum things up. I’m not a writer. We may be able to talk AltBraKz or Alex into it.

I can setup an account for you. I’m open to any and all the help I can get to make the site the best it can be.

I still don’t fully understand the move off DoA or the status of KSSS. I’ll need some help on deciding what needs to change and how to best go about it.

I’m here to help keep the ember burning in anyway I can❤️‍🔥

Well a number of emberists including myself are not on DOA anymore so if we would like to keep the crew together this is necessary. And the folks that left each gave their own reasons for it. Not even getting into it. But I think this is the right move personally.