Am installing rekordbox right now

yeah yeah


Looks slick!

I see you have an FL-controller as well… nais!

I have the FL Fire, I use it with Bitwig. It’s decent.

rekordbox y u do this

im gonna try Serato now… rekordbox is fugly

Have you tried virtual Dj? It’s the one I use and it’s ok :+1:

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will try this instead. Billy recommended it too.

it made my shit all like glitchy and stuttery. not all over the place but enough to hate it. now have tried Serato and am starting to love it!

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verdict: rekordbox simply has better button mappings / integration with this controller. and now that i know how to set first beats, lock analysis, use cue and loop points etc i am getting pretty comfortable with it.

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Tidy setup.

So Rekordbox is the software of choice then?

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Daym that’s a nice shiny controller…

for me it appears so. waiting on a Studio Display to show up soon and then i will be setting up streaming