Aphex Twin

The new EP now released in full.


First listen through. in a room7 F760 is deffo doing it for me. Would like an LP full of that style bizz


I first learned of AT at my first rave, Ravestock, during the Woodstock 94 festival. He got shut down halfway through his set. I learned much later that it was because he signed a fake name on his contract :slayer2:

I never got the chance to see him live again.

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Oooh he’s a tricky trickster isn’t he :badteeth:

had a few listens to the new EP today. it’s quite restrained for Aphex and get why people are a bit underwhelmed by it from what I’ve read. but the little bits of cleverness are great and feels like he’s gone for vibes over that for most of it. he hasn’t got anything to prove. wish it was longer tho and i’m hoping for an LP before too long