August Production Challenge

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Make a 145bpm breakbeat track using only the samples provided. You can manipulate them any way you want. You don’t have to use everything but the tune must contain a stick sample from the pack.

Make a straight up Embers track basically. No sub-sub-genres pls.

Only extra addition you can make to the tune outside of the sample pack is vocal samples.

Themes of fire, burning, embers, psychedelic etc. are always a bonus.

Grab sample pack .rar here or uncompressed here

Go wild.

Closing date Sunday 27th August before the show


Awesome, I need some inspiration to get back at it.

If the goal is to make embers dubs, maybe the closings should be the last Sunday of the month for the show?

good shout. post updated

Boy that’s a lot of samples! :slayer:


I just cracked open a beer and the .zip! Great selection, lots of interesting bits to work with, but limiting enough to make it a fun challenge. Good call on allowing any vocal samples. :redstripeslayer:

I’m going to load it all on the S2400 and have at it. It’s the perfect project for a sampler and I’ve been neglecting it.

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but what about a gayed up embers track in a dom-sub-genre? jk im stoked

You shouldn’t try to make everything about being gay Wubs

Anyway, llaest told me that the best tune wins the T-shirt…

runner ups get a T as well…

I am sending the link to this around to maybe pick up some noobs. So you never know who may be reading this thread :badteeth:


Suddenly no one wants to participate… how strange. :thinking:

I started messing with the sample pack on Ableton note. First time using outside samples in it.


Don’t know if I can finish the challenge but I downloaded the pack and will give it my best shot. Great sounds!

Please make the t-shirts available in the embers breaks swag shop in case I don’t win. I need a statement piece to wear on bluegrass fridays in my middle-of-nowhere cowtown. :cowboy_hat_face:

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When you say stick sample, are you referring to the ‘Stick Selection.wav’ file? And do we need to use one of the pre-made breaks or can we make our own instead?

Could you explain what a sub-sub-genre is?

When you say vocal samples, does that include full song acapellas or just small vocal samples?

He just means, any stick sample.

You can make your own with the samples provided but the only outside samples would be the vocals, if you want them, whatever you want.

He means like tembers, stick step etc. Just make sort of a standard embers tune.

And don’t make it more confusing than it needs to be. All dubs would be accepted regardless. You know how we do.


What he said

There is no such thing as a standard embers tune apart from 145, Im in :badlove:

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I agree with you but I was just clarifying what he said.

Just finished and posted my last track for the grid challenge, might start a collab with Al later for this if thats allowed?

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OFC it is

Nice one mate :tea:

I’m playing with the sample pack on my phone but I’m not going to get serious about this one yet. I’ll end up finishing it in one go and then it starts burning a hole in my hard drive.

I didn’t know there was a grid challenge. I was asking about that every couple weeks and no one ever said anything. Oh well, my challenges are here now.