Braindance, Electro, Acid, Experimental

thread title says it all. get busy.

this is some stuff that i’ve been going back to a lot

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Awesome post.

There’s almost too much good music in these genres to be able pick anything out.

I’m going to suggest Rian Treanor:

Ataxia is a good starting point.

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not listened to a lot of his stuff before. this is great

new EOD :heart_eyes:

Love EOD!

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moar EOD then

this is from a new upcoming EP btw

New dgoHn and Badum EP on its way. The preview track sounds proper

DgoHn is at the intersection of most of what I like about music. I don’t listen to him as much as I might though, but this sounds good.

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I tend to listen to him in binges but always have to cop his stuff and never regret it

Discovered this today, it’s melted my brain in a highly pleasurable manner.

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