Decent default preset for Fabfilter Pro-L 2

From the excellent mastering engineer Streaky (

"these are my starting point for the limiter.
I tweak from here but 80% of the time the only thing I’m changing is the gain and the style dropdown.

Style: I like the ‘Allround’ & ‘Punchy’ mainly so I’ll a/b between them depending on the track.

Lookahead: Just a touch of this I find it starts effecting the transients when I go too far with it.

Attack & Release Times:

Long attack time (starting point: about 12 o’ clock on the knob) will mean you are not using the release therefore you are just limiting the peaks, keeping it loud and punchy. (add release and slower attacks if it’s getting crunchy)

True Peak: I’m not a fan of using it, A/B with it on and off and make the decision yourself (listen to transients)

Channel Linking: Unlinking these makes the limiting more open and louder sounding to my ear but have a play A/B them and hear for yourself.

Oversampling: Go as high as your CPU will allow at least x16 for a cleaner sound.

Output Level: I set this to -0.197 this is so it doesn’t throw meters into the reds anywhere (clients love that!)

1: 1 Button: This is Unity gain so it will match the input / output levels, use this to hear how much distortion and pump is being added by the limiting (adjust back down the chain to keep the level but reduce the pump)

Bonus Sidenote :

Most limiters work in a similar way so these settings are pretty universal…use them as a starting point on your fav limiter. "

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I am pretty close to streakys settings. I will choose the algo based on how it sounds. Adjust the gain to hit the desired loudness.

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I have been playing with the oversampling too. A higher over sampling doesn’t necessarily make it sound better.

yeah I have found this to be the case sometimes too. Especially in melda msoundfactory which lets you adjust oversampling of the synth engine freely. No oversampling would give a bit more bite thanks to the aliasing. With clippers I tend to stay away from oversampling entirely. Maybe on the master I would check if it sounds better with it on (apparently oversampling can reintroduce overshoots which would probably end up being hard clipped by the master limiter anyway, depending on the algorithm)

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