Embers Breaks With Oura

i did send . should be from gandhi_milosevich@hotmail.co.uk
i’ll send the link in a personal chat to make sure

jembers sent

I might have them in my drive here. And I can’t confirm because the mobile app isn’t helpful. But I don’t know why I’m not getting an email notification. I checked my spam folder and everything.

this is what getting in looks like :point_up_2:

I have the Bling tunes now. You guys can send them privately here as well it’s just you have to not embed if it’s a soundcloud. Hit me up regardless on here so I don’t miss anything.

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Quality show, very balanced, focus on the music.
Well done.


Thank you. I appreciate everyone’s support. I’m going to get better and better. I’m getting to know the back catalog better too so I’d expected some roll on style sets. I can do the show once a month probably. I can even do less if more people get involved. This is stick 3.0. Focusing on building the DJ side of sticks.


i agree on building the DJ side. i am going to start sending dubs to different DJs whenever i feel like it based on whose vibe i think it fits better, and whenever they do a show next they can play it.

there is stuff i have right now i would think about dropping to Oura, Bling, Shifty

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It’s your dubs, you do what you want with them. I would like to get the recent dubs that Bling got tho. Just for future shows.

they are in the tuna share. and i just put last nights in there too