Embers Breaks With Oura

Stick show - gimmee dubs.

Subject to change.

Send dubs for the 13th by 5pm GMT that day.

Savoryaudio@gmail.com or private chat on here.

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Nice one! We probably need a calendar or something to keep things tidy.

Def make a new thread for the embers dubs show, keep it visible.

Yeah I will do one the week of so people don’t get confused but if you want to plan ahead…

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Will you be playing any non Ember tracks made by Emberists? I have a track that I made on DSF that I’d love to have played.

If there’s a better time for it to be played—perhaps on a special show—that’s cool too. If not, it’s all good.

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I am taking DNB for the podcast show and embers for the embers show. I’d probably play it for the embers show but other wise I’m not playing random stuff.


Now you can hit the cog and create an event when you create a post to get it on the calendar. Roll call will send out reminders if you set it up, time zones work etc.

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Very nice.

Do you mind posting these next two events individually so we can get them on the calendar?

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i might send you a dnb tune i made a bit before finding embers

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@Oura sending you a dub for this Sunday 8/14 (if that’s still on?)

It is in my folder and I have things updated now. This will be the event thread for it.

Sunday is the 13th not 14th?

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The event is correct. I just messed up the original post. I can fix.

sent @Oura 3 fresh dubs for sunday. i will try to make the actual show, though may be on the road back to home at that time

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sent a 4th one bc why not :melting_face: need to get some of these out there and keep moving forward

@NUTTA How about that Wubsick spesh? Man deserves it for services to embers.

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Wubsick is the dub leader of the last few weeks. I’m hopefully providing 2 myself.

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wub wub wub a du dub dub

watch this space

embers dub sent to your email oura!

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I don’t see an email from you. savoryaudio@gmail.com