Embers History Mix

Alright lovely people.

It’s time we put thought to creating a definitive Embers History studio mix. We have talked about this from time to time but I’m not sure it ever got done… so here is the plan.

Nominate tuna in this thread. I want to start with 145 maybe 30 to 35 tunes that really exemplify the Embers sound. I’d like to get everyone in there so have a think about your favourite 145’s from the last few years and stick some ideas down below…, as many suggestions as you want and we can all agree a track list.

Once we have an idea on tracks I can try to pull a mix together (if you guys are ok with that??). I will also attempt to polish the mix in ableton, to get the levels nice and things and add some kind of intro.

It’s a project for the next few months - maybe we can get it finished in time for Christmas :santa:

If some one already did this please ignore me lol :joy:

im rather fond of tunes by A_P_E


I’m putting poolside in there

145 only?

guaranteed I’ve forgotten some big tunes/artists, but it’s a start

pur technikon - fooled
ape - poolside emberist
endorphin corpse - got me burning up
straylight - bishop kicker
rollin - lovers 145
signor strisce - leaping lizards
badger bob - international grid
als0 - cl0ser (bit long for a dj set maybe :badteeth: )
tone scientist - millions of little embers
bling laden - ember 9 / want you by my side
billy - dub music
oura - quest
r-kane - lady leshur bootleg (if you don’t want a bootleg…Embient Call is really nice)
gearwatcher - killa sound
dynalix has a classic funky one I can’t remember the name of
hyperfocus - the one
wubsick - dubflower
ace t - sticktown funk
nick breed - 92 to embers
cidermassive - eternal life (signor strisce remix)


Thermal - represent

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Polkaroo - Lemonaide

I’d love KYO buts its 163 (163 will be pt 2 obvs though)

Endorphin Corpse - Yardcore Jemberism
Oura - Rollin
145 212

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Oura - YDN

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bling - haterz remix & emberz53
thermal - heist
ec - shed inferno
ss - emberton stick theme
that tune w the kids saying “sticks” i think from cornish


The remix of that I did seemed to go down well

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huge tunas, but jembers for a 145 mix? :emot_cop:

When the jembers one comes it is going to need a big chunk of billy!

O, I wasn’t looking at tempo… soz.
I’ve made way more 145’s than jembers.

  • Endorphin Corpe - Burning Bright VIP
  • R-Kane - Stand Still (Aubrey Booty)
  • Tone Scientist - Vark’s Pirate Radio Tape
    Goosebumps, every time.

Been chatting to Bob - nice suggestion from him…

Feel free to nominate your own tracks or send me them - the ones you are most proud of and want in the mix (also feel free to give then a polish / re-master etc if you want as well)