Embers software development ideas

I’m a web programmer, well was until I quit my job a couple of months ago. Perhaps some of you guys are also into similar things. This forum is great, hats off to the person who put it together. The google drive is brilliant as well.

Some ideas I had

  • Building on the shared drive, have a web form where you upload tunas into the tuna repository, including prompting the setting of metadata on a web form and adding cover art. This would make it hard to forget to set the meta fields.

  • Building on the web upload interface, have a widget that can be embedded in posts, like soundcloud, but it belongs to us instead. This would reduce reliance on soundcloud and mean that paid subscriptions may no longer be necessary. I have to pay soundcloud as I have a lot of tunas on my page that disappear when I stop paying them so ditching that monthly expense would be nice! Soundcloud is very expensive really, since the cost of hosting is tiny compared to what they charge for it.

  • Furthermore, you could choose to upload your tuna to soundcloud behind the scenes when you submit our own upload form, so you’ve got less work to do manually putting it in both places, if you so choose. I did something like this once for a previous employer.

  • Other ideas are a browser showing tunes sorted with most recent at the top so that you can keep on top of the latest material, and perhaps the ability to make comments on individual tunas as well. We could even have emberist profile pages listing a particular artists discography.

  • Mix uploads could be a thing, using the same kind of platform.

  • The tuna management system could be released in stages incrementally, e.g. do the uploader first, then the widget, and so on.

  • Something else - when someone goes live, they could press a button that sends push notifications to people’s phones so they can get the heads up. Well unless people want to keep it super secret of course :wink:

I could start work on these things pretty soon if nobody has any objections. Feel free to criticise anything above if you want.

There are probably other ideas that fellow Emberists have had as well, would be fun to hear some more suggestions. I’d like to help if i can, should any of this sound good. It will be fun to try and make this stuff. And I reckon that a good software platform that presents the content elegantly so it is easy to access will make it smoother for newcomers to find us and then get involved.


sounds like it could be sweet mate! Would be amazing if everything that got uploaded got incorporated in a database where you could do searches, sort by artist and listen to the tracks. We have such an incredible and vast catalogue of music, it’s hard to stay on top of it all.

if between us we managed to upload most of the older tracks in addition to new ones it would be super nice

Some good ideas there, just don’t try to do everything at once man…


All about baby steps when it comes to this sort of stuff


I was actually just recently thinking how Soundcloud provides fuckall for me apart from media hosting, and how an alternative would nowadays be fairly easy to make for a handful of experienced devs and all these kitchen sink libraries in places like crates.io, pypi and npm.

We could expand this site with a music streaming service that hosts files (or chunks of them) in some cheap cloud storage like Backblaze B2 and the UI bits that make SC nice shouldn’t be too hard to replicate with some Javascript and shit. I’ve already done shit like this for HLS video but admittedly not for audio.

Having said that :badteeth: I’m already balls deep into a music-meets-programming hobby, trying to get my head around iPlug and getting back into audio DSP (but not with a huge amount of success :badteeth: ), but if you guys start something I might be able to lend a hand, and would gladly pause plugin fuckery to do so.


@Straylight sounds badass dude! I’m also a software engineer but not really front end anymore (CSS does my head in a bit too much). What language(s) are you thinking about using? I could probably help out on small things as I’m wary of over committing and under delivering.

We have a Digital Ocean account which has a small server hosting this forum, so I’m sure we could open up some space for you on there.

Not trying to jump the gun but imho user management is a boring faff and a quick google came up with this (which tbf I haven’t fully grok’d) but seems we could use Discourse as a sign in to make it easier for devs and people signing in Use Discourse as an identity provider (SSO, DiscourseConnect) - developers - Discourse Meta


I was looking at Discourse, the forum software used here, and it’s developed using Ruby on Rails, so could probably use that for any extra features. Then it would dovetail quite well with the existing forum system.

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Fwiw I would build the upload system as a separate piece of software/code which we could host on a different server/image and then make a separate Discourse plugin to show previews. Then, you can use any language you like and aren’t necessarily tied down to Discourse / Ruby on Rails.
Also, I spotted this recently https://dnbshare.com/ and not sure if it’s doing the same thing that you have in mind.

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Bandcamp was sold by Epic Games. Now’s our chance :badteeth:

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I should probably do something about my tendency to come up with wildly ambitious proposals whilst off my tits. Have been pretty busy lately trying to build a game in Unity. If it manages to get anywhere I’d like to use some Embers music as the soundtrack.


When off your tits is the best time to plan new projects. I look forward to beta testing the game :star_struck:

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Cool, what kind of game?


I get that. I get some wild ideas when I’m stoned off my ass. But it usually requires someone else to think the idea is good. Which they rarely do ha.

You can have music from me if you want it. I’d even be willing to do something exclusive for it. Inspired by your project.

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Maybe we should have a bot on here that posts from time to time…
Just sayin’

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