Going live with some chilled afternoon vibes




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Was great until YouTube threw the strike.

is the strike for music or video?

Sweet show. Caught a little bit yesterday but had it on the rewind today. You played one of my fav DJ Shadow tracks. Bliss


for a tune - not sure but prob alice coltrane

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cheers - zero mixing just chilling to nice tunes :slight_smile:

The video actually comes through virtual DJ - you can d/l different ones as well and I am sure that you can add your own and do transitions between scenes and stuff. Just need to work out how to do it but streaming through virtual DJ is really easy - no need for extra software just press ‘stream’ an off you go :+1:


if you want me to walk you through the video stuff you can always ask questions or phone me if you are able to talk. just start collecting pics,gifs and videos you want to use.

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I’m trying to work out a streaming setup. I’m on a DVS setup with Traktor which doesn’t have native streaming or video support. Looking into the OBS route now.

I got a new PC and still trying to get it set up the way I want. Went down the rabbit hole of reorganizing my sample and sound libraries. Now all my old projects are jacked… but I knew that going in. Hopefully the new system will make finding tings much easier.

I did finally get Komplete and most of my vsts installed and relicensed. I pray I don’t have to do that again for a long, long time.

I have OBS as well and have streamed through it before - I think you get more options with it over going native with DJ software also OBS has volume monitoring so you can if you are clipping easier. Virtual DJ only has a really small meter at the top of the screen with is pretty shite!

yeah OBS seems to be the right way to go for my setup.

I caught a good chunk of your set on the rewind. I enjoyed it! Keep em coming!

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That’s what it’s all about.

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