Is the firah still burnin'?

Just got back here after a long break, and there isn’t many recent posts or shows.

No flame but the embers stil burning. I was thinking about doing a Xmas special but it’s been kinda dead here. Not sure if it’s worth it?

I am going to be bitwig streaming on Saturday. I put the event in my discord. Again…

Sorry for the late response…

That’s too bad. At least we can say it was good while it lasted. Was a lot of fun.

It will be back. I’m still making Embers although not as much. But that’s the thing about embers is they are always smoldering there. We didn’t start the fire. We won’t put it out either. Long live.

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Even if this place goes dormant the tunes will last forever

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I still drop in on occasion. I also still seem to gravitate to setting the DAW to 145, even if I never seem to finish anything.

I hope you all are well! Merry Xmas!

PS -I just renewed the Domain for another year, in case something emerges from the ashes.


Word glad you did. I know it’s dead now but I’m planning on doing regular streaming. Still collecting gear here. I got an old x1 to add
To the z1. Might be here tomorrow. Want to get phase controllers and a MacBook Pro tax time.

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