I've got it together.... ready to stream a show at some point

I upgraded my gear and got all the bits together, did some test streams and it’s all working. My mixing skills are a bit on the low side (cough cough) but I’ll manage. Not sure when to do it though. I’m not at home this sunday.


you can do a test stream at any time really. i’d imagine fridays and sats are probably the best apart from sundays to get a few viewers

Undecided… will work some more on my skills in the mean time.

Nice on Billy - looking forward to a stream :blush:


Whatever day you decide to mix, I’m very likely free to lend an ear. I remember when I was new here and you showed me the ropes—I didn’t even know what ‘Vark’ was, and you explained all that to me. :joy:

That said, you sound a little hesitant, and the way I gather it, it sounds like you really want to be ‘ready’. Sometimes the best way to learn to dive is to just jump off the diving board.

Seems you’ve been practising, and it sounds like you’re taking this quite seriously, so I say just work out a Sunday time slot and dive in bro. Even if shit fucks up, that’s Vark, and there’s not a DJ around that can escape being Varked.

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I just don’t want to waste anyone’s time.
Yes, I want it to be as good as I can make it.
I’ve been making my own visuals, I’ve been selecting my tunes, prepping the files, configuring my controller, getting the most out of my limited mixing skills, …
And I want to do the stream when most people have time to watch it, hoping they’ll enjoy it and have a meeting point. Because Embers is not only about making tunes, it’s also about meeting like minded people.
Currently my weekends are spent doing things that are more important (helping someone cope with the things that come with old age). So I won’t plan anything on a Sunday and then miss the appointment.


Sounds promising man, don’t put too much pressure on yourself though. Doesn’t have to be perfect to be huges!

This 1000% man - I fuck up all the time but just have a laugh with it :smiley:

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