July 29th Oura - Production Stream

8-10pm GMT. Or maybe longer if you want.

I am going to be making a tune but we will focus on “expressing a key”

The first person to reply here with a Key will be making that call. Any note + major or minor.

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Fm has a nice embers feel to it I think.

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Cool. Be great if you had the mic hooked up and you could talk a little as you went. I liked the previous stream but remember thinking it would be even better to hear your thoughts along the way

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You picked the most boring key congratulations but I’ll show you how to spice it up. You got it.

Therms I was talking into the mic the whole time. No one told me they didn’t hear it.

Excited for this. I’ll be there!

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30 minute warning. getting set up.

FYI - You had 8 GMT, I think its only 6:30 GMT now.

Well I’ll have to figure that out for next time. But anyway I am about ready to go so I will start. It will od course be available for rewind if you missed something.

You are right tho. My fault.

Ill be there broski’s

Mad props Oura, These glimpses into your workflow are amazing. I’m really enjoying them. So much to learn. Please keep it up!


Really benefited from this stream. Learned a few new cool things to do in Vitalium, such as how to make a cool pad and how to make a snare. And the information and theory on notes was an eyeopener for me. I’m so excited to put this all to use. Gonna have to replay parts of the video to absorb it as there’s so much.

As dynalix says, please keep the streams going.

Thanks! I’m glad I can help. Finishing up now. This is the promo clip.