Oi mate, do you wanna buy some speakers?

I’ve got a few bits of hardware I’m selling.

Midiverb II - Alesis Midiverb II 16-Bit Digital Effects Processor 1990s | Reverb UK but I’ll do it for 125
Akai Fire - Akai Fire Controller for FL Studio 2010s - Black | Reverb UK I’ll take anything remotely sensible as an offer on it.
Waldorf Microwave II - no listing yet, as I need to fix one of the buttons, it’s pretty tatty, but otherwise works perfectly. I’ll take 400 for it, but get your offer in before I come to my senses and change my mind!

probs will have a few more bits coming.

If anyone’s interested LMK. They’re up/going up on Reverb otherwise, but I’ll do a big emberist discount to keep them in the family.


I sold something to R-Kane once, and his tunes are :fire: now, just saying.

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Where speakers tho?!? :thinking:


The microwave is a bit of a legend, 400 is too cheap I think. It’s not the XT version is it??

It’s pretty beat up. Not the XT, it’s the rack.

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lol where & what currency? ill give you 400 sticks for the microwave :badteeth:
just sold my iridium desktop but didnt offer it up here as its a small demographic and not cheap

Moving abroad ey?

no, jk. i got my bases covered w the microwave

I wish you were in the states, I’d take that midiverb off you hands.

Slimming down in anticipation of a move abroad, yeah.

Iridium looks well nice, Waldorf make such nice things.

Tbh, the microwave is a pita without a vst editor, and once you’ve gone there, it might as well be all itb and I think the Motorola DSP guys are going to be releasing a microwave soon.

If it was an XT I’d never sell, but those things are out of my price range.

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They already released Microwave emu (beta) it’s just not as usable as the Virus one, but I think they’re going to get there fairly soon.