Oura i The Business LP

Yo I was going to send this to all you guys privately but it seems more efficient to do it all at once. This is the LP with DLs enabled. I appreciate everyones support over the last couple years. I have a couple new embers on here. I will be doing a special edition of the podcast with an LP listening session in the middle. Hope to see yall.

The Business LP


big up man . will send you some dubs for tomorrow later.
still working on a new one

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thank you

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nice snare on the title track. did you layer a crash or cymbal of some sort w it? w a v short envelope or gating? i like it

the sub in rectangles inside shakes my house

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usually there are a ton of layers on my drum hits. Can’t remember specifically what I did but the general process is the same for everything. Thanks for listening!

brinkman :slayer:

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Thanks! I just added that one. Was having some issues with the house track. Got bored with it eventually.