Post any non embers music here 🎶

checking out the poll option
plus adding some moosik

Which tune is the funkiest? (multiple choice)
  • omgyjya switch7
  • system fault
  • piece of paper
  • can’t vote for yourself
  • stor eiglass
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Went for AFX because I’m a fanboy but that EDGEY track is ace as well

@llaest (on pc chrome)

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Stumbled over this and wow…talk about sick singers, all three!

I love how this thread is in the Embers category lol

there’s not enough poll answers to warrant moving it to any other category anyway :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

Autechre / gescom recommendations plz @llaest :badlove:


For Gescom try
Gescom - Motor (Full EP) - YouTube

Gescom - Go Sheep - YouTube

Gescom - Keynell (Autechre Remix 2) - YouTube


Arch Carrier - YouTube

Autechre - known(1) - YouTube


LP5 is my fave from them. Also Cicli Suite or whatever its called. and of course tri repeatae. basically i like it all up to confield


yeah Keynell is amazing. I also like the Evane Ep quite a bit.

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LP5 and EP7 seemed to be a really creative time for them.

Met one of them in a pub once. Would recommend.

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Just picked up the 0860 and Slow Astro vol. 3 & 4 albums by Fracture. Big fan of his stuff. Interesting concepts, the former is inspired by pirate radio and the latter is slowed down versions of previous Astrophonica (his label) tracks with some tweaks thrown in. Kind of a DJ Screw thing. You can buy them on cassettes too lol

This is the new AltBraKz footwork EP on Savory. Out on Thursday and I may do a quick little set on Thursday for the occassion.

@thermal I put together a little mix this evening before seeing your post above :muscle:

I love the Slow Astro stuff. Its just got so much heft… watch this space for the September challenge for something embers related inspired by this :wink:

That’s some great footage you added man… really helps the music.

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haha yeah - Ive been collecting visuals - hold tight for Bob Ross at 16min 10sec :100:

Crooked rolls in here

Jesus! AI did a great job on this one… sounds like some dug out old recordings.

I really liked ol Cash’s cover. Trent even said it was his song now :badger: Rick Rubin is a mastermind.

so amazing, mind blown

these guys too, big up Sweden

they can write their own songs too

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