Put your streaming events in the $#$@# calendar!

Please. :pleading_face:

Just missed your show Bling.

We all need to make sure to put our events in the calendar so everyone can easily know what’s going on without having to search through a bunch of threads.

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sorry roo. i wasn’t even sure what time i could stream and i took the slot quite late i think thursday or friday.will make sure to learn the calender function for next time

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Im also guilty of this!!

That’s cool. I’m not upset, just would’ve liked to hear it live and have more chat time. The last 3 songs I was able to hear were madness!

Yeah I thought this too because I wanted to join in but couldn’t find the information as it’s scattered around at the moment and therefore missed some things

Missed another Slipper Rave…
Just sayin’

I am definitely all about lounging around in the slides these days

The mid week ones and the warm up shows are totally unplanned :grinning: … man’s need to be lucky to catch them. Super secret stuff with link posted only in the chat on this forum as it goes live :crossed_fingers:

Proper Sunday shows are on the calendar though.

I don’t even stream mine… Top secret.

sounds it’s like one of those squat parties i used to go to as a student where someone would text cryptic clues and you’d be walking in a vague direction towards the venue, looking around seeing hopeful rave kids all moving in the same direction


First clue: Belgium

<starts walking>

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Wonder if there’d a way to send push notifications to peoples phones when someone goes live so we can all get prodded about the event. It’s something I could get working with my background I reckon

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Maybe up for a chilled stream later - perhaps 21.30 UK time if anyone is interested…

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Any Sunday session today guys?

Not from me tonight mate :+1:

Streamed last night though - the link is up in the chat :grin: