Sample sources thread

Some great raw analog material in here.
Ultra rare synth, used by The Human League, Inxs, Aphex Twin, MGMT, Venetian Snares, …

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I really like Alex Ball, he oozes talent.


A-Ball is a don

Just some common links for starters here:

If there’s a certain sound I’m looking for (lets say, a train whistle), I tend to go to these sites to search for it first: (choose ‘sound effects’)

The first site lets you download as many as you want, I believe, without charge.

The second site lets you download only 5 per (maybe week?). You could easily rip though.

High quality text to speech:

Best quality vocal remover I could find:

Go to ‘Splitter’ to individually extract music, voice, drums, and bass.

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I would recommend the They give you a bunch of free minutes. But I ended up buying some. It’s like 15$ for I forgot, a lot of minutes. It might last me a year. But they keep updating it and you can do a lot more different types of splits.

One thing I do sometimes is split splits so you can really single something out. But I did one embers where I took out the bass line and then with Ableton went audio to midi and then designed a sound for it and then laid it on the track under the acapella. It’s crazy what you can come up with.

I can’t imagine everyone doesn’t have this bookmarked already but just in case:
Rhythm-lab breaks library

2 Likes is awesome. I bought minutes also; $15 will probably last me a lifetime.

For years and years. I gave the guy about 100 breaks too (basic samples and artist/trackname) for him to resample from a decent source.

I never download anything from, I just play the rseult online and then sample it with Audacity.

There is a Sound library folder on the tuna share where I put the “All The Breaks” volumes 1-3 and International Breaks 404. CD wave rip, and I resampled my vinyl copies on the s2400.

Their is also a few Embers and stick sample collections that have been shared around over the years.

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Wah wah guitar licks, and some great voice bits here and there (not Alex’s porn producer voice)
And you get a lot of tongue in cheek remarks for free.

i’ve used so much stuff of this lp

some people may recognise some trademark bling sounds.
lucky it wasn’t one of the lps that was stolen but even so it often turns up at bootsales and charity shops for 50p

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Have you guys looked at this stuff? I have been pulling stuff from here.