Savory Audio Podcast Live

I finally figured out this calendar I think. I’m not that smart.

I will be going on with mostly DNB for 2 hours.

I don’t think anyone spoke up for the stick show? I was allowing time for that…

Nope, I still don’t know how to use it.

Hit the cog :gear: in post edit and add event. You’ll get a dialog to fill in the deets.

I did that now, I still don’t see it on the calendar. I’m sorry but this feature is pretty ass. No way I could figure it out on my own.

You had it. It’s just that you need to insure there is a space between any text and the markup. If you do it first thing, then add your text, it’ll be smoother. Times are in 24hr. Put in your local timezone peeps will be able to see times in their local time.

They need some suggestions for this. You will have to teach almost everyone that comes on here how to do it. It’s so convoluted. Bad design.

I’ve planned to do a little write up how-to on it. Will move that up the list.

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That is a good short term solution. That would be great. But they really have to do better with this.

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This is 7pm BST for the UK crew

Yeah. The calendar should reflect that right?

The idea is that my podcast can have a consistent time slot and not interfere with the stick show which is not happening this week but in the future.

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welp… now that i have bothered to look, yes. :badteeth:

we got technologies bro

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EST/CST gang

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