September Production Challenge

Ez up Embersists…

Its September and time for a fresh sticky challenge.


I present to you the ‘Slow Jembers Project’ challenge - this is inspired by Fractures Slow Astro project on the wicked Astrophonica label.

Here is a taster on the kind of thing I’m on about.

And there is a mix here as well Slow Astro, Vol. 3 (Mixtape) | Fracture

Now, for the actual challenge.

The tunes are more than just half time DnB - they have (I think) taken stems of teh original tunes and slowed them down to 97bpm. For the example I posted above, the original tune 160bpm, so that represents a like a 40% decrease in speed / pitch - its a bit like when you play a jungle tune on a record deck at 33rpm.

As a reference here is the original version of the tune I posted.

For simplicity sake I am going to go for a 40% decrease in speed meaning that you will need to produce a tune at 98.25bpm (60% of 163.75).

Now you can’t just make a tuna at this speed (too easy!!)… To nail the Slow Jembers ethos you must do the following:

Remix a Jembers by taking the stems of the original tune and slowing these down / re-pitching the samples etc to 98.25bpm to get that heft and gravity of teh Slow Astro stuff.

You can remix anyones tunes - they dont have to be your own but you will need stems to do it properly. If you listen to the mix its pretty obvious they have also over dubbed FX (especially delays) and dub samples kind of like when dub producers did a dub version of a reggae tune…

To re-cap…

Do a Slow Jembers Version / Remix of a Jembers tuna in teh style of the Slow Astro Project - extra credit for mad delays, dub FX , heavy heavy bass, and them sssllllooooowwww vocals :slight_smile:

All tune to be 98.25bpm (or 98 if your DAW dont do decimal points)

At the end of the month wer have a special segment on the Sunday show to mix all the wicked tuna submitted.

Hope that all makes sense lol

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interesting. so im a big fan of astrophonica but his slow astro project didnt interest me at all. ive listened to almost none of it. however this challenge interests me. & ive got 1 tune that immediately springs to mind as my 1st choice. will give it a go but no promises

Cool challenge, hope to contribute!

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I’m not a stems person, I’ve tried to work with them but it’s just weird and difficult.
Can’t find videos on the topic, would be good to see someone do it.

Billy - you don’t have to use stems mate. That’s just how I assumed they done it.

People are free to produce however they want :grin:

I will try something with this. This sample song is not a very good example as the tempo is all over the place. it starts out slow and then speeds up until it gets to the original tempo. And then you say you don’t have to use stems but you are very specfic about the use of stems lol. It’s pretty confusing not having heard of this before.

Poor choice of words on my part there :ok_hand:

I am basically saying I think I know roughly what you are after and I just did one the last couple hours.

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FL Studio 21.2 is set to include stem separation tools built into the DAW

So the challenge is just a bit early.

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fack im gonna see if i can put one together before we fly out next week.

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I’ve been sucked into Starfield since I got home from vacation, but I’m feeling super inspired from the trip and the Starfield soundtrack… I’m firing up Ableton and going to give this challenge a go… you’ve been warned :slayer2:

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I’d been working on this for a few days, hopefully catching the spirit of the challenge. It’s been fun!

However, I’ve just been graciously provided with original stems and it completely changes how I’m approaching things. Total redo incoming :slayer2:

@Shofters Will we have until the Shofers Sunday Slipper Show™ on the 15th to get these to you or are you planning on something else sooner?

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Yes extensions granted as I’ve not even fired the DAW up yet :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: