Should I dust this off and try to make something?

Might make a mix of my tuna. Probably too out of practice to try and stream though, for now

Upload your tuna to the share drive pleeeeeeeeeeese :smiley:

Sure, i’ll try and figure it out. Think I’ve got them all in a folder so probably quite easy

I think you might need to send them to @dynalix to get them uploaded??

Yeah, i’ve requested access to the shared folder as per the instructions :ok_hand:


Dust off yourself and those decks and get at it! Embers needs you!

I’ve been practicing myself and am having a blast with it. The share is getting flushed out nicely now. Loads of material, and growing rapidly :badger:


Part of the setup is this Yamaha tape deck I’m trying to fix, the phono in is somehow broke with next to nothing on one of the 2 channels. Worth fixing as it is pretty difficult to find good quality tape decks that still work.

Getting some proper tools like a multimeter and other bits to fix it up. My friend thinks it’ll be likely easy to solve.

Once done I’d like to record sets onto tape, then play the tape into the computer, before uploading. I have a collection of different types of tape for these science experiments.

The service manual for the device is a thing of beauty. Impressive attention to detail that you don’t find much of these days

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If that’s is the only issue I’d check the phono jacks and preamps first. Will it record in stereo from other inputs?

It’s just got 1 pair of phonos as the input, and another pair for output. The problem is definitely connected to the phono ins somehow. Multimeter will help find the bit of the board where it borked.

My friend gave me the thing for Christmas, after testing it all worked fine. On the way home I was in a taxi which crashed along with a couple of other cars on the motorway. Nobody was harmed thankfully but the device must have gotten damaged by the jolt

I’m far from an expert but used to dabble in electronics a lot. I’ve been building a few modules lately. It’s been fun getting back into it. It’s hard to diagnose remotely, but I’m happy to give questionable advise :slayer2:

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Nice one. My friend has a hobby of buying old stuff on Ebay then restoring it, he’s been able to offer lots of tips