Shows, fresh dubs and everything else

Post upcoming shows here. If you’re collecting dubs for a Sunday show let people know where to send them.

Bag a date by starting a new thread.

Keep the embers burning.

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i think we should all use the youtube BLING has created in order to stream any shows.
it’ll all be in one place that way and we dont have to worry about linkage and schedules and stuff, can just check in on that channel and see whats going on.
also better for the archives. all in one place.
maybe @BLINGLADEN can post a short info on how to access it and set it up

deffo for the future if possible but tonight probably too much to organise.if you do wanna do it tonight i can provude the details

it’s fine for tonight but we need to get @Oura @Shofters and @llaest on this

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I’m going to be streaming my shows on my channels because I am trying to build up my own network here. It’s not that hard to find the link. If you want to watch, you have to figure it out. The link will be on this forum.

do all the regular sunday embers shows on the embers yt imo. people can do all the off streams on their own yt.

maybe we need a poll for this kinda thing maybe even a new thread. what you saying @BLINGLADEN :grin:

I am not going to do that, so there is no need to poll.