Sunday 23rd July Fresh Dubs with Oura

negged :badteeth:

That’s okay. I just deleted and reposted in the proper thread.

Did I overlook the time of the show?

10 i think so 11 for you is it

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you on in 30? I am literally just sitting around waiting for the show to start lol

yep gonna start in about 25 mins

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Chillin’ in the tub here until the show comes on. At which point I’ll listen to the show whilst continuing to chill in the tub.

Raisin man lol

Been doing the tub soak thing for years. I used to get raison hands and feet, but no more. Not even if I soak for hours.

I’m so overcommitted today I might not get a dub in or be able to listen live. Have to hang with the family instead. Will listen back after, of course!

please send out something on a discord or two … i am finding that is the best way to actually get notifications about a stream starting :slight_smile:

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No dubs from me tonight. Not been ion the mood for tunes and tried to force myself and didn’t enjoy it. Have enjoyed digging and putting tunes together for mixes tho so not a complete lack of creativity this end

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going live nows

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Sick show!


Thank you all


Sick show. Hope to hear you mix again!

show was :basketball:-n, i am cancelling my DDJ FLX10 order that has been waiting for months and getting a DDJ FLX4 from best buy. i am anxious to learn how to do that

Top show @Oura!

Hell yeah, I’m saving up for the rich boi pioneer thing. Maybe I won’t feel so bad spending the money of the streaming thing is going good. That’s cool tho we can just have stream blocks and shit and really the folks are engaged with the forum so you could go on anytime and maybe get a few.


That was really nice man. Thanks for the show!

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