Sunday Dub Show

Sunday Dub show.

Get ya dubs in - clocks ticking :blush:



big up shifty


Just wanna say thank you so much for the mix Shifty. I remember you saying you were messing around with my tunes, but I didn’t think you were gonna be doing a live show with it too. You did a great job making it all work. I could tell you put some thought in it.

Lately my motivation for making tunes has been low, but this has really perked me up. Spent a few hours on a tune today, and will have it ready for next jam.


Shifty your set was badass. mixing on point!

Nice man - I’ve been mixing them a lot. Sometimes the whole folder in a session, love them all!!

Thanks man - there some weird issue with my controller where you can hear the tune being cued up but I’ll try and get it sorted for next time. The controller is so shit though lol … £30 second hand from e-bay :joy:

this was ridiculously good. enjoyed all the tunes and visuals just a great show. mixing and pullups was spot on too :slay2: :slay2: :slay2:


great to see some classics and oldies repped. :badteeth:

give me a Shofters show every sunday and i’m happy

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Thanks @phreeky - really enjoyed doing the stream… few issues with the controller leaking sound when I’m cuing up a tuna but I’ll get that sorted before the next one.

I think one a month is enough for me though. We have Oura, Bling, Billy, llaest and a few others (Wubs??) to do shows as well

I think have a bit of a format for it though and definitely want to do a producer mini mix for the last 30 mins of each show

I like that idea. The show was :fire:

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