The future of

What do we do with I did what I could with it, but it’s languished without the crew needed to keep it maintained and useful. Now that the forum is here, I think we need to decide if it’s a worthy venture to put new effort into or take it down in favor of this place.

Please share your thoughts.

I think this being a community platform, it would make sense to make it the focus and grow this place

I think there should still be a landing page at least. I am thinking we need like an actual write up on what we are about and what embers braks is about. It’s just a way to have a sign to tap you know. FAQ whatever. Events does make sense tho, I defiately see what you mean now. But we can scrap a lot of it. I think we need to be pointing people towards the videos and streams and here. BUt like I’m saying it’s confusing for new people. That’s all.


We could make a youtube playlist too and link to that on there and that way we can just edit the playlist on youtube and it will be updated.