Track filename, metadata etc

i think it is important to have “standards” regarding this… how we will expect djs to interpret filenames, track names, etc. i have started saving mine as having time markers and tempo information from FL Studio. idk what that does for yall. have not got a chance to try yet. spill it all, here

I have a format that’s just key - tempo - artist name - song name. It’s purely for myself. I mix harmonically and I use that to help choose the next track. So when you view the files alphabetically it will group them by key instead. Helpful because I use the free Serato which blocks the key feature. Also on CDJ it removes some steps from the browser.

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I normally put tempo but that is all

I still see a lot of Embers tracks with really sloppy names. Not even an artist name or something.

artist and track name is good to have as well

i tend to name the file just the track name, or some variant, because it fits how i want to look through my own tunes. and i assume that by putting the metadata in my track files, it gives everyone what they need to distinguish and sort mine from others apart from keeping a separate folder.

Not really :badteeth: sometimes I forget to sort downloads straight away and then I don’t know whose track it is. When buying tracks off of Bandcamp etc the artist name tends to come first in the file name I think. That’s the format I have been using. Dunno why but I don’t like to put other info in the file name lol. It ruins some of the magic for me somehow. Is that weird

I only added tempo for Nutta. Didn’t help :badteeth:

You should really put the artist name in the file name. It’s extremely aggravating for the DJs.

And actually I will make it a requirement for submitting to my shows. I also won’t take them right up to the show. Because I am trying to get ready for the show, I don’t want to be adding tunes at that point.

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yeah makes sense to have a cutoff time, like an hour before the show? Also good to get an acknowledgement from the DJ of received dubs so people who submitted don’t need to wonder if the tracks made it through the interwebs

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I can do that. I’m setting my cut off to 5 hours. So 5 GMT. It’s noon for me and that’s when I would be getting the computer set up.

I’m not going to be as forgiving as Nutta. Not to be mean or anything but if you give an inch they take a mile. The onus would be on the producer to fulfill the requirements to get the tune played.

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That’s totally fair.

All I’d say is make it clear in the top post for the show what the submission deadline is and it’s all good.


It would be good to have a consistent policy here but the first amendment is “it’s your show and you can do what you want” but the rest of you could agree if you wanted to.

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I ended up going through all my tracks a while ago and fixing the filenames + metadata.

Also I’ve subscribed to Soundcloud again, so all my tracks are available now, see sig for deets


I’ve just finished metadatering all my tunas and arranged it into neat little folders, all available for inspection on the google share. The whole process took a number of hours, worth it though. Tried to come up with a consistent naming convention. I’ve thrown in some non-embers tuna too including my furlough/lockdown album 20/20

It would be really nice for cover art to appear in the DJ software. I learned WAV doesn’t let you put cover art in the metadata unfortunately, unless you go for a largely unsupported non-standard hack. Wondering if flac supports it, MP3 does but it would mean lossy encoding which is unacceptable.

im in ur encoding lossing ur bits :smiling_imp:

I think I need to go through them again and tag them as 145 or 163.75 in the genre field

mp3 is just right for my tunes… takes of the sharp(est) edges.