What is the epitomy of Embers Breaks?

Post anything you think embodies Embers. Bonus points for posting music. Triple score if it’s your own music/creation.

I’d have to think about it. I actually think about this when I make embers and have made a number of tracks that where what the sticks mean to me but I think a significant part of being an embersts is having your own sound. So there is not an overall embodyment of the style but maybe there are for each producer. Actually I was thinking about Lesson In Aspect which I haven’t uploaded yet. i should get on that.

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I posted that before I actually gave it much thought myself.

First thing that comes to mind though is our history with show flyers. We need to get back to that, I haven’t seen a new one in quite a while.

K.S.S.S. Flyer Archive » Embers Breaks


Here ya go. For Jembers anyway

The flyers are amazing, we need to keep those up.

This one is from the first and only soundclash between Johnny Clash & DJ Nutta in the summer of 2021. I wrote this for Johnny Clash because he asked me plus he had supported the Dubs on Acid Collective’s releases not to mention doing the mixtape for the first release. I never put it out for anyone because Rollin wanted to do something with it but I’m not sure if it is going to happen. So I at least want to post it.

This is one of my personal favs though. What I’m trying to do with rhythms.

I feel like I’m at the outer edges of Embers and I’m fine with it. I just wanted to explore 145.

Windy Sticks is really fucking good! vibes for days. I’d love a copy if ever possible.

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Nice I hadn’t seen that one. When was it from?

some questionable looking shit in a styrofoam box or a naan bread :nauseated_face:


putting a drum break into Fruity Slicer, dumping it to piano roll, then putting a totally different break in the slicer and letting the old piano roll play it. makes the crookedest shit i tell ya wot

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I’m not sure exactly when but Nutta used it a few times. He put up the logo part as a t-shirt. But this is also on savoryaudio.net. Well it was. Was an blog post / ad for the show.

Windy Sticks on the repost! Damn bro!!!

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This is certainly not an embodiment, but it’s the closest I’ve got IMO.

I rushed the 2nd verse just to submit something one Sunday. That damn pokey snare/clap drives me crazy! I really need to revisit this one…

I couldn’t even name a favorite out of you guys but when I hear R-Kane I know I’m listening to Embers. Even tho he has a very Jungly sound it seems like it just doesn’t belong outside of the ecosystem. It’s not just because of the sticks. It’s because he always has melody too.

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Who has the Grooverider meme?


Is it weird that I unironically love the King’s tongue in cheek remix, tho? I mean, to me it’s such a great track.

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Big up the one like gearwatcher

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Ez man, good to see ya :redstripeslayer: