Anyone using Serato?

I tested Serato light and it’s a dream compared to the clunky piece of shit that is called Mixxx.
There’s a couple of things I couldn’t figure yet

  • how it should sync the beats… I had to do that by hand (using the platters) which is kind of hit and miss. But the platters react as I would expect (unlike Mixxx) which is a big plus.
  • Can I delay the headphone output so I don’t have a delay between headphone and line out? It’s impossible to mix when there’s a lag of let’s say 30ms between the 2. I could adjust that in Mixxx which was a real big plus.

I use the light. Yeah Mixxx is kind of ass. It has the features you want but it just doesn’t work right unfortunately.

In Serato you just hit the synch button on the controller. It will match the tempo for you. But you have to manually fix some of the grids or it wont work right when you do it.

And for the delay issue, you can’t fix that as far as I know. It’s not an issue with Serato, it’s an issue with how you have it set up. Like you don’t want to hear the signal that’s coming from the PC as that introduces latency. What I do is go through a mixer and send one to the Pc and one to the monitors.

serato pro came free with my controller and is deffo a nice bit of software but the pro version kills my computers and starts varking quickly and the lite version isn’t supported by my controller hence why i use vdj till i can get a powerful new computer or laptop.
yeah the way i have it setup is to plug my controller straight to an amp for sound. i know mine is a bit different though because it also acts like a soundcard for your computer. otherwise you have to mix solely in the headphones. well you can mix on the speakers once they are in sync but the delay is mad

Yeah I have barely enough beef to run Serato light on the laptop I have. I even shut the WiFi and Bluetooth off just to be sure. It will start dropping out easily. But it seems like my shows were pretty good on playback but I have no headroom at all. I have found laptops on Amazon for like 150 that has 16 gigs of Ram and all that. Might pull the trig one of these days.

I have a Traktor 2 key that I think I can transfer to someone if you can make use of it. Give me a few days to get back home and I’ll verify. Traktor 3 didn’t add anything major. 2 was pretty solid for me

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It probably won’t work with the hardware though. That’s usually the issue. I was using rekordbox with my controiller and they discontinues the rekordbox I bought for it but it was a serato brand controller so it will only unlock serato light. Ofc I can use some of the universal software but it all sucks. I just want to move away from controllers complete because it was supposed to be the cheap option but they want like a coupple hundo a year just to keep using the thing I paid for.

I believe Traktor uses simple MIDI to work with hardware so I doubt it has anything to do with the license. I could be wrong :person_shrugging:

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Virtual DJ is a one time payment of about £80 - I know it’s not pro level but it works fine?

Correct, it is fully mappable with MIDI.


Alright. I didn’t know that. I’ll give Tractor a shot then. If you got that key.

Sorry, I just checked on this and I can’t transfer it. I think because it was an upgrade at some point.

At least we’re finally seeing some support from NI on Traktor lately. The just put out an update and released some new hardware… X1 mk3.

I tried rekordbox and serato as well as traktor when trying to figure out what to go for when upgrading from a crappy numark kiddie controller. Went with traktor and have been happy so far (got a reasonable deal on v3). Serato seemed decent but it was the lite version and rekordbox I didn’t like (but maybe better if you have pioneer gear)

I’ve got a numark kiddie controller :grinning:

All good. I was looking at that controller. I like it but I am saving up for more expensive shit. Maybe I could just sell it next year.

I’m tempted myself. I currently use the A&H zone:K2 as a midi for Traktor, but it lacks the visual feedback for looping and FX that would be really helpful in my setup.

Lighting it on Fyah tho. :redstripeslayer:

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I try my best :blush:

I think it was the mix 3 or something I had. One pitch fader wasn’t working and kept jumping. Other than that it did the job. The traktor s2 has a much nicer build quality but on the other hand I paid 3x as much. Got the numark for £40 iirc so got what I paid for!

The S2 was my first controller when I started back into it after long hiatus. Sold it to a friend who was just starting out. He now plays out all over the local scene here. He still uses the S2 at home.

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