Can we has new speed?

145 and 163.75 are awesome. epic, even. godly, perhaps. but sometimes i want to make something so hype and fast, too fast for either of those. but i don’t want to be just your typical dnb. so i propose a new BPM, for really fast aspects: 181. it is a prime number. it is faster than most dnb and other bass music. thoughts?

@llaest ban hammer pls


too slow? ok, 191 then. still prime


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I had the idea a while back that we’d have a guest tempo from time to time. Kinda like the grid challenges on DOA. Like we let everyone know a couple of weeks ahead that we’re gonna have 181 BPM submissions, and let people do something at a new tempo. Obvs 145 and 163.75 are always allowed.

Sorry dunno what got into me there.

@wubsick BANNED

Lol I’m just messing, best of luck to ya :badteeth:

I still like the idea of 126.25. for Slembers. Slowed down at the same interval as Jembers is speedup. Square into breakbeat territory.


I like this idea honestly. Anything to keep things fresh is worthy of consideration.

I’m in for sure.

Heated debate in the council just entered the chat

I did some dub techno on 145 but it feels rushed. The whole vibe is lost.
But on the other hand, Embers IS 145 and Jembers IS 163.75, there’s no other definition.
Let’s keep it simple.

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What would you call it? Embercore?

I don’t think primes are musical in the mathematical sense. Frequency ratios and intervals don’t match up with primes.

i like this reply.

nothing wrong with making stuff that is not embers or jembers, but they are what they are.

@dynalix: quembers (quicker embers)

i just think primes are fun to sneak into things

No new tempo but here is the compromise. We do monthly challenges of any kind style of music that we want to and each challenge should be hosted by a streamer who would gather those tracks and do a stream. What do you think? Because I definately want to do challenges.

I agree. Challenges are key and keeping tempo changes to these would quell my desires (for the most part :wink:

That works well for me too.

I always felt the challenges was an import part of the evolution so tt makes sense to me to reinvest in that. Help to draw people in too. I mean trap them into the cult of course.

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145/163.75 from corwall crew alwayse, no fucking about. challenge is a challenge. evolve it musically and stylistically not tempo imho…

that said you can do what you want though if you cant make what you want fit in the constraints of embers and jembers, lame copout though imho :teef:

one love.

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Tempo is like the defining feature of embers other than sticks. I don’t think adding additional tempos is the move. I like the idea of monthly challenges though.


i agree. that tempo is the cornerstone. it’s just that you can do so much within 145/163.75 to slow things down, or make SUPER fast if you wanted to double time, but there is no way to get “speedier” without taking it hummingbird 290 BPM equivalent. at least while staying embers

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