Forum Suggestions

Things are starting to feel familiar here, but there’s a lot we can still do to make this place better.

Post suggestions, gripes, whatever in this topic.

If you’re interested, this forum uses Discourse software, so feel free to have a Google and see what kind of things are possible.

  • show custom emojis first
  • add more emojis
  • add more reactions
  • replace “Reply” button with Quote
  • remove “Suggested Topics” at the bottom
  • remove “Want to read more? Browse other topics in…” at the bottom
  • show which user last posted under the topics (show user name instead of pic)

Ok Billy, this your thread!

I’m cool with everything. Still getting used to it but I think as long as we can avoid overbuilding it, it will be fine. Would like to keep the convos all together and not let it get convoluted.

I think it would be a good idea to expand the “categories” sub-forums. Im in the camp that these should be as succinct and few as possible, while keeping the primary topics focused. This is my thinking at this point.

Embers - anything and everything embers related
Non-embers music
Website/forum feedback

I know off topic was pretty toxic over on DOA, but having a place for that type of conversation is pretty much a necessity for a community IMO.

User tags would be used to help subcategorize. Eventually Popular tags would be considered for future category expansion.

A single general chat seems reasonable at this point.


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I just think the sub forums make it easier to ignore stuff. It’s obviously all like minded individuals and it’s not a large group. So having most of the convo in one makes sense to me. Like DOA Board and Grid at the same time. But then I can understand the OT for sure. Then just make it so you have to be signed in to view it.

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The offtopic restrictions is a good idea. We can use the Trust level feature to not only restrict to being logged in, but to established users similar to how it was handled on DOA

I also agree with your thinking on sub-forums. The non embers music forum is just to keep the embers forum focused. We’re all music lovers, their will be a ton of this… There already is.

The feedback forum is to keep that focused so we can concentrate on it as we figure this shit out.

I’m cool with any suggestions, not particularly opinionated. We can always move stuff around if we change our minds.

I kind of like the way DOA has a certain number of posts per page. Here we seem to get the whole thread in one…bit annoying to have to scroll endlessly to get to the latest posts. I’m sure there is a way around this but don’t know how lol

I hear you on the scroll vs pagination. Unfortunately this forum software is fiercely in favour of scrolling.

Yeah I was reading about it, that’s one of the key features because that makes it better on mobile. More like twitter or whatever. But there is a button under the post that says “last reply” and that will bring you right to it. Just have to get used to that I thionk.

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Also, if you click/touch the n/N button it gives you a fast scroll. Don’t know how well it works for threads with thousands of replies, but I guess we can just make new threads.

The what?

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I think because it doesn’t really look like a button or a link but you just click it.

The bit that says 13/14 or whatever it currently is

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oh also the bar to the right it will take you to whereever you set it in the thread

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Btw I hate the :+1: reaction. Think I’m going to change it to :fire: instead.


lighter/fire as the default? Hmmm bit skeptical

worst part about it is that its not an old pixelated smiley like the rest.

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