Post your embers and jembers dubs here

please post your embers and jembers music in this thread once your dubs have been played so people can listen back and/or download


a few recent ones:

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i have put my dubs from last night in the private tuna share.
also my three TOTWs from last year, all retouched and sounding extra crispy :fire_extinguisher:


this is one of the first tunes i made, back in 2021. it was 150 but now i have gone back and made it 145

Here’s my effort from last Sunday’s show. Very much a WIP so would love some feedback. I constructed the beat using hits that I sampled from the Bernard Perdie video someone posted in the DOA thread a few weeks ago. Vocal samples also.

3celfooz! Great tune.

Hits Hard

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I love a good intro. You had me at the start, nevermind the killer breaks. The very prominent, unmoving, bass drone is really interesting. I’m surprised it works so well. :thinking:

Many thanks! This is the first time i’ve tried shaperbox instead of a compressor to duck the sub to the kick, and then sidechained a dynamic eq cut on the sub for good measure. Maybe the sub gain should come down some more though.

ive written a few ambient tracks where ive later made dance-y remixes of them. this track is the opposite

shout out to @thermal on this one. he recently mentioned that he enjoys my more, lets say left-field offerings. so i tried to lean into that w this one. its mostly me mucking about w the iridium. the bass in the 2nd half is via wavetable though. buss it down!

pls grab these for 0 if you like them - the first one was an embers wip, but both are 160 bpm


Instabagged these yesterday :v:

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Oh don’t think I didn’t notice, well appreciated!!!

A real percy this one! <3

grabbed for tonights show…thanks

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