Streaming Technical Discussion

I figured I’d create a thread to discuss streaming, setups, visuals, tips etc.

I’m working on getting setup on OBS. What’s everyone using for visuals on OBS?

I just discovered the What’s Now Playing plugin for OBS that will pull track info from pretty much all the DJ softwares. I’m exploring it now. I like the idea of showing artist info, maybe not appropriate if you’re playing fresh new dubs.
Free - What’s Now Playing | OBS Forums (

I’ve been half-ass contemplating getting setup to do streams for some time. New PC and our current show situation have reignited the fire!

I’m on a DVS setup w/ Traktor 3 using external mixing on an xone:px5 and its internal soundcard. Will OBS using my Scarlett 18i20. New PC is beefy, should handle it all just fine.

Might even give a hybrid set a go with OOTB stuff I’ve been working on… we’ll see :badteeth:


I’m about to install a new pc with OBS.

I downloaded an mp4 of 8bit video game visuals toady and tried this with OBS, loading it as a scene and it worked just fine - its 4 hours long so can just play that and forget about it.

I couldn’t get video to work with the streaming thing in virtual DJ

I’d be interested in sharing some video clips and imagery . I’ve been looking around and it’s not so easy to find good content.

We could use the Tuna Share drive. Short clips and pics that fit the Embers vibe. I’ve squirreled away a metric shit ton of embers flyers and memes :badteeth:

Anyone interested? I’ll set it up if so.

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Has anyone got embers logos

What ya need? I either made it or more than likely got it :wink:

just a selection of bits I can add into scenes when streaming

Do you have tuna share access? I’ll setup a folder and upload the worthy stuff.

Yeah I got it mate :slight_smile:

I’ll get on that and let you know


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We may need a new logo. Because like the kebab shop is nuttas stuff. I think we should just have an embers breaks / .com one

We have the one I use for the website.


I have more stuff I’ve worked on over the years. I’ll see what I can dig up.

I agree we shouldn’t use KSSS logos on anything new moving forward without Nutta’s permission. Reusing old flyers and graphics, say for stream videos, that mention KSSS shouldn’t be a problem. It is our history.

I did notice the Embers Movement logo on the site features the playboy bunny. We should change that. It is a straight up edit/rip of the OG Junglist Movement logo anyway. It predates me.

Maybe a good time for a complete refresh?

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All sorts of nonsense. I’ll add more later.

Let me know if you have something to add.

First go. Using Winamp for visuals.

Looking good!
Is this OBS you are using?

Yeah. Exploring what’s possible. I’m having some gain staging issues I’m trying to work out. It’s a mess of two audio interfaces, hardware routing and virtual cables :exploding_head:

Edit* sorted out the gain staging.

I made a new and clean version of the Embers Movement logo (XXL) and also an animated version. I dropped them in forum suggestions.

Yep I saw those, looking good. I’ll see if I can get the small forum logo switched over.

My focusrite interface has a loopback feature I use all the time for sampling off of YouTube and the like. It’s shows up in Ableton, but OBS doesn’t see it? It would simplify my routing for winamp visuals if I can get that sorted.

edit Sorted